Through Esther’s Eyes

A Novel

Enter the time of Jesus…

Coming in 2023

Through Esther’s Eyes is a story about the life of Jesus of Nazareth through the eyes of His fictional cousin, Esther. Esther thinks that her role as a woman will be complete when she marries the rich Lazarus of Bethany, but when she discovers she is barren, her whole world comes crashing down. Yet, her friend Jesus has come to reveal the role of “woman” for all eternity.

2 thoughts on “Through Esther’s Eyes

  1. Dear JSC, When can we read this? I am currently writing a novel that begins on Good Friday, it is fiction and deals with some folks who were there, but about whom we know almost nothing; including the man who hammers in the nails of Jesus’s cross, the little girl he raises from the dead; and the centurion who thrusts the spear into Jesus’s side. I would be very very pleased to trade review/proofread/critical eye with you re: your novel – esp with your expertise re: daily life in the time of Jesus. You can see some of my publications on Amazon and at sites Catholic Stand and The American Catholic. email: Thank you for all you do to help folks walk or swim to Jesus. Guy, Texas [Guy McClung}


    1. Hi Guy,

      Thank you for reaching out to me! My novel is coming out in early 2023. My editor still isn’t sure what the exact date is as of now, but I will let you know as soon as possible.

      Your novel sounds so interesting! Biblical fiction is the best! I think the world needs more historical fiction that is centered around our dear Jesus. And I love looking at the different characters that are just mentioned in the Bible and expanding upon their lives and personalities.

      I wish I could trade manuscripts with you, but my novel is all set and ready for publication. I would love to read any part of your novel and talk about it. I have some new novel ideas too that I could share with you. You are a devout Catholic writer, praise God!

      Thank you,



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